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Please, sir. I want some less.

12 Mar

Before attempting to conjure up a batch of my own, I did a thorough background investigation on how to make sweet potato fries, intently reading online recipes and blog posts. However, I quickly realized that the people writing these were trying too hard. Is it, I wondered, necessary to give step-by-step instructions on how to ┬ásection off a sweet potato? And how, exactly, do multiple beauty shots of sweet potatoes – far away then close up, skin-on then skin-off, raw then fried – enhance the recipe? I appreciate sweet potato fry makers’ desire to leave no detail out, not even the layout design for arranging fries on the oven pan, but it was getting to the point where the average American’s intelligence seemed to have been sorely underestimated…

I concluded that the best interpretation of a ‘sweet potato fry’ was just that – a thin slice of sweet potato, salted and baked to a state of crispy tenderness. There really is no “recipe” for creating these morsels of deliciousness, it’s so simple to do. Just: buy a sweet potato, peel it, cut it into thin strips, sprinkle with salt, bake for 20 minutes (or until tender) at 400-450 degrees, flipping the strips over at the halfway point. Yeah…that should do it. I challenge you to NOT tweak this recipe, unless you can somehow simplify it further. Perhaps it’s possible to make a sweet potato into a single fry? Or maybe skin-covered fries are actually delectable? De-tweak, I suppose!