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Three’s Lunch

5 May

Cooking, in my newest living situation, has been an upward battle. Here’s what I’m up against: five roommates (three actively practicing barbaric cleaning habits), a carpeted floor, and appliances the human equivalent of which would have traded in their 9-5 for Bingo and Early Bird Specials long ago. If you don’t believe me, I’m more than happy to elaborate…

The floor debris is impenetrable with broom or vacuum. And no, I never imagined myself vacuuming in the kitchen – sounds like something Amelia Bedelia would attempt while diligently misreading her boss’s instructions! The countertops are permanently scarred with dried morsels; if cultured guests came over, I’d have to claim the counters are “textured.” The sink must be self-conscious about the way it looks, because it’s never not been filled with dirty pots and pans.

And yet, somehow, a few lunchtime gems were birthed in my scummy, crummy kitchen. Using exclusively the toaster oven, I developed a nice trio of sandwiches. I used white bread, because it’s a nutrient-deficient food item that I can’t say no to. But if this is too unhealthy for you, then by all means swap it out for whole wheat. I’m sure there is at least one twist on a classic sandwich, or strange sandwich combo, that you have invented or know about. If so, please tweak it up!

CC & J


– 2 slices bread

– 1 Tbs. grape jelly

– 1 Tbs. whipped cream cheese


Toast the two slices of bread. Spread one with jelly, and one with cream cheese. If you want to feel like you’re in third grade and your mom packed your lunch (I do it all the time!): slice diagonally.




– 2 slices bread

– 2 Tbs. mozzarella cheese

– seasonings: salt, oregano, and garlic salt or onion powder



Sprinkle each slice of bread with 1 Tbs. of  cheese. Sprinkle seasonings on top of cheese. Toast until cheese is melted.



– 2 slices bread

– 1 slice Muenster cheese

– 1 half tomato, sliced

– salt (essential)

Heat a frying pan on medium-low. Place cheese and tomato on one bread slice. Salt the tomato. Place second slice of bread on top. Grill sandwich in pan until cheese is melted.