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Mississippian Musings

2 Oct

I usually don’t feel that my day-to-day life merits commenting on. However, it’s evident that glimpses of the past couple of days require further discussion. They’re a bit random, and therefore unfit for a casual ‘how’s it going’ conversation. However, considering the ‘whatever goes’ (as long as it’s well-written, mind you!) nature of this blog, I think it’s safe to proceed:

1. On Saturday, I made a run to the grocery store, my mind focused on mangoes and granola bars during the drive. That is, until the following sign caused me to abruptly shift gears (no pun intended), and to instead contemplate how, semantically speaking, I could potentially purchase a human being post-grocery store:


Eh, I’m not that crazy about flowers. Perhaps if she could teach me how to grow blueberries, too, it’d be a tougher decision.

2. I did, however, make a pit stop at the liquor store prior to arriving back at home. Yes, I am a borderline social-situation-alcoholic. But in this particular instance, I was merely buying Jack Daniel’s as a housewarming gift. So I made a beeline for the whiskey aisle, which I’m sure made me immediately seem conspicuous. And then I purchased the second to largest bottle size. Yes, I was the only girl in the whiskey department. No, it is not especially crazy to purchase whiskey, I know. But considering that only three years ago I thought a couple of sips of beer could cause inebriation, I’ve really come a long way!

3. I’ve been forcing myself to run outside. These runs are a constant battle between psyche and lower body strength. But at the moment, my legs seem to be hanging in there!! Sometime last week, during one of these bouts of physical exertion, I made a tragic discovery on the side of the road – a dead kitten!! A very cute one, too. I know it’s twisted of me, but I felt the need to take a picture of its carcass after it had been left there to rot for several days. Take a look, but please don’t enjoy:


4. After attending an interesting community dance concert with friends on Saturday evening, I attempted to go to bed. But the ‘Sippi ‘Skeeters, who had spent unasked for time with my feet earlier, decided otherwise. My feet were so desperately itchy that I could not sleep. However, thanks to an educational post by blogger Geraldine of ‘The Everywherist,’ I was given several home remedy options, ranging from vodka to ice. The ice works wonders, but is a bit awkward to snuggle with in bed. The home remedy I found both effective and nighttime-compatible was…toothpaste! With one stipulation: put a band aid over it!

5. On Sunday afternoon, my mom telephoned. Somehow we started discussing how often I clean my sheets. As it turns out, my mother likes to eat snacks in bed, and as a result must wash her sheets once a week. I made it quite clear that I do not eat snacks, or anything else, in my bed. However, my mother was convinced that because I read in my bed, I must eat snacks in there too! I don’t know if anyone else has conversations like this with their mother, but this one made me consider recording future ones and possibly turning them into podcasts. She’s that funny to me! 😀

If nothing else, I hope this post will help you to reflect on, and appreciate, something a bit odd or bizarre that has happened to you recently. I can’t say I’m happy, at all, about the dead kitten. But it has become part of my ‘Byram Running Adventures.’ The other incidents I’ve detailed above just make me laugh. Sometimes you need to think about those quirky moments that make you smile, like when you’re driving to work and you don’t particularly feel like going there, or when you’re reluctantly running on the treadmill after a long day, or even when no one has texted you in hours.

Considering the jumbled stream of information I’ve just presented y’all with, please do also accept the following, equally jumbled recipe. It was inspired by not going to the grocery store. Fancy that.


INGREDIENTS: orzo_meat_veggie

-1 cup chicken broth or 1 bouillon cube

-1/3 cup uncooked orzo

– 2 garlic cloves, mashed

-1/2 white onion, chopped

-2 cups frozen veggies: I used broccoli, but substitute as you please

-Handful of snow peas (optional, but add a great crunch)

-1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, hydrated

-2 to 3 slices Oscar Mayer Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast (or whatever lunch meat you have on hand, really)

-2 Tbs. reduced fat feta cheese

-1 tsp. parmesan cheese

-Seasoning: chili powder, salt, onion powder (you can play fast and loose on these/substitute as desired)


Cook the orzo in the chicken broth. Add more water if needed. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, sauté the onions in water; add garlic, frozen veggies, snow peas, and sun dried tomatoes. Add the orzo to the vegetables, once cooked. Chop up the lunch meat and add to other ingredients. Finally, add feta cheese and seasonings. Cook on medium heat until nice and hot. After transferring to dinner plate, sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.