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My Funny Valentine

12 Feb

I’m breaking my own rules, which isn’t nearly as fun as breaking someone else’s. This isn’t a food tweak or recipe that could be tweaked. But, it does involve food – chocolate, to be specific.

I’ve actually never met someone who likes Valentine’s Day, because, let’s face it, who likes to be told when to show their affection? But then again, who didn’t like receiving Valentine’s Day candy from everyone in their grade school class? If you can remember back that far, that’s the Valentine’s Day spirit I’m encapsulating here, not the flowers and chocolate and awkward-yet-intended-to-be-romantic dinner one.

My mom received a “free gift” subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) Magazine and gifted it to me – I’m not sure what that says about me or her perception of me, but that’s beside the point! While leafing through the February issue, an adorable idea caught my eye. If you go to the following website: http://www.bhg.com/holidays/valentines-day/cards/valentines-day-cards-with-candy/, BHG offers printable Valentine’s Day labels that are to be put with a particular piece of candy or food item. For example, a label that says “We’re Just Mint to Be” can be stuck on a peppermint patty.

Well, of course I was determined to think up some of my own clever (or at least corny) puns to go with candy items BHG had not covered. I spent the majority of a dull midweek meeting brainstorming plays on words. The results? I made Valentine’s cards to go with two of my puns (pictured below): “You Have a Be-‘Twix’-ing Personality”, to be paired with a Twix bar, and “[Coco]-Nuts for You!” to be paired with an Almond Joy (or Mounds) bar.

If you can endure anymore of these, that dumb meeting had my creative juices moving at a pretty fast clip: “You ‘Malt’ My Heart” to be paired with Whoppers, “You Make My Heart ‘Skittle’ a Beat” to go, obviously, with Skittles, and “Brains for a Beauty” to go with Smarties, although that one could be considered offensive (in fact, I’m offended by my own words!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Considering there are a multitude of candy types out there, I’m sure you can come up with an original candy-pun! If so, post it!