Why I Aspire to be more like Anne of Green Gables

24 Sep


The recent Netflix series “Anne with an E” whimsically transports the viewer into a type of dream world. No, not one without heartache or mistreatment or hard times, but one where Anne’s sheer enthusiasm and sense of wonder irresistibly soften each blow.  To Anne, Avonlea is “the most beautiful place on earth.” She reads far too many books, resulting in expressions such as “it is a scrumptious pleasure to make your acquaintance” and “isn’t Saskatchewan just the most delicious name to say?” Matthew Cuthbert, who co-adopts Anne with his sister Marilla, says she “loves trees and flowers and such,” and “she’s got a lot of romantic notions about life.”

Not only is Anne’s character irresistible, but life on Prince Edward Island, too, holds a certain charm. There is only one school house, one church, one main street to shop on. Obviously, the late 19th century was a simpler time than that in which we live today. Indeed, it is refreshingly so. Anne finds great joy in crowding her hat with wildflowers hoping to make a good impression on her first day of school. She feels like the luckiest girl in the world when Matthew buys her a dress with puffed sleeves. In contrast, modern me views the outdoors functionally as a gym option and only wants to fill my online cart with more items once I strike upon a cute dress.

We 21st century Americans seem to have an options problem. We are overstimulated by social media, consumerism, and curating our self-presentation to the point of exhaustion. We are made paralyzingly insecure by our inability to keep up, to keep busy, to keep going. Worse still, we are so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing that we’ve stopped talking to each other. I traveled Labor Day weekend, and on the shuttle from the Pittsburgh airport to parking, I noticed the couple in front of me didn’t exchange a single word. She was on Instagram, he was on Facebook, just scrolling. I, too, was guilty of checking my phone too frequently over that same weekend while in the company of dear friends I rarely get to see.

I don’t actually want to time-travel to the late 19th century. I like hot showers on-demand, not dying of bacterial infections, and box brownies far too much. I do, however, enjoy  44 minute bursts of escape into Anne’s Avonlea. I want to want a kindred spirit the way Anne does more than I want to stare at my phone. I want to generously win over difficult people as Anne does her best friend Diana’s mother. I want but one sliver of Anne’s spunk and grit, because I think it takes bravery to really engage with others, to be a true blue friend.

Whether you find the following recipe irresistibly simple or refreshingly good, I hope it makes you think of Anne…


INGREDIENTS (makes 3 servings):

 1.5 cup egg whites

1 bag spinach

1 container button mushrooms, sliced

5-6 red vine tomatoes, diced

1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled

Salt and pepper


Wilt the fresh spinach in sauce pan over medium heat. Remove spinach and any residual moisture. Spray pan with PAM, and add mushrooms and tomatoes. Once cooked, remove from pan and add egg whites. Once egg whites are almost cooked, season with salt and pepper and add feta. To assemble for lunch meal prep, distribute egg whites and vegetables evenly across three containers. Serve with a piece of toast.

CALORIES (without toast): 150 (per serving)


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